About me and this website

I have been helping via a Portuguese company, connect boutique wineries and specialized buyers for ten years.

I witnessed the immense investment in time and money needed for small wineries to penetrate a foreign country. The wine market is still working in a traditional way, where the importers, distributors, and shops decide which wineries will deserve a chance to get to the shoppers. 

We tried helping again using this website (under the buysell.wine name) to connect wineries and importers. Still, we hit a second time that same phenomenon. The effort and investment to reach a buyer and close a deal were too high to make practical sense.

 I been toying around with a new concept of handling the small wineries’ marketing to make them much more profitable and less dependent on importers or buyers to reach their wine consumers.

 Once I got the idea worked out, I took over this website and decided to make it a free for all wineries to join and provide them with a new and innovative concept I call “twin Wineries.”

I will maintain this website always free, and I hope this new concept will create lots of profits and well-being for the wineries and the wine drinkers.

I am a businessman, a photographer, and a writer. I created two quite big Franchise Systems. I love getting ideas into a reality, and this one is my latest.

I call for wineries, owners, and marketers to join and help me refine this concept and make it a reality!

Just email me (fill out the below form).

For a brighter future!

Izhar Perlman


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