Welcome to the 21st century!

The Problems with the Old Wine Trade,
and how You can solve these

  • The huge difficulty to Enter into New Markets

– If you wanted to export and expand into w new territory, you had to invest lots of time and money to maybe finally find an importer.

Solution: With the Twin WIneries system, you do not need an importer.
You connect with a winery in a new territory and become Wineries. They sell your wines in the new market, and in exchange, you sell their wines in your market.

  • The Scarcity of wine buyers, like importers and distributors.

– There are far more wineries than importers, which makes the trade a buyers market, where the importer has the power over the winery.

Solution: With the Twin Wineries System, you are dealing with other wineries in different markets. There are lots of wineries to choose from, and they normally share the same viewpoint on the market as you do.
They also have to wine if they sell your wines because you will sell theirs in exchange

  • There is not fast enough transition to online sales

In the last years, online sales have skyrocketed, but the online sales of wine are way behind.
Even if the customer wants to buy wine online, he will hesitate to place an order in a far away winery with huge shipping expenses.

Solution: Almost every winery sells directly to customers that visit the winery.
In recent years, there are more and more wineries that started to sell online.

  • Customers prefer wine shops and supremarket for their varaiety of wines available

Every winery tries to produce as many different wines as possible because wine consumers prefer a high variety to choose from.

Supermarkets and wine shops display hundreds of different wines, and that improves the chance that the prospect will not leave without buying.

Solution: The Twin WIneries system automatically enlarges your wine selection. The wines fo your Twin Wineries can add tens of new wines for your customers to select from

  • You are far away for your potential customer

At least the importer and the distributor are between you and the shop that actually sells your wines.
It is almost impossible le to get through these “layers” and to reach your final customer.

Solution: With the Twin Wineries System, there is only your twin winery between you and your final customer.
Your message will reach your customer with more impact and result in more sales and more loyal customers.

  • Today you do not use the fantastic opportunities of the available technology

Today’s Internet and computer technology maintaining a personal connection far away are cheap and fast! Speech, video, images, and data are transferred instantly.

Solution: The Twin winery system gives you almost real-time sales results in every market you are present.
With the cooperation of your twin winery, You can know the stocks, what sells the best, when you will need to send more wine, etc.
Shipping technology today shows you where your wine is located while in transport.
With the available sales data, you are in much better control of your production, stock, marketing, and finances.

  • Tasting, smelling, and viewing the wine

Wine is a sensuous product. Consumers like to taste, smell and view the wine when shopping. Wine tasting can boost sales, but it is almost impossible to offer tasting in supermarkets with today’s wine market, and the same problem exists with online shops.

Solution: Many wineries offer tasting on their premises, and with the Twin Wineries system, you can give every customer a chance to taste not only your wines but also the wines of the Twine Wineries you partner with.

Imagine this…

With just a few steps, you can achieve better survival as a winery.

#1 Join the Twin WIneries club

It is a totally free club and easy to apply to. This applies to any winery!

Just fill in the data in the registration form, and you are in.

#2 Search for your Twin Wineries

Once you are a member, you can view our wineries directory. Only other wineries that are also members can view this directory.

Here you can see all other wineries that are looking to get connected with other Twin Wineries.

You can search the wineries using different criteria like their country, the type of wines they produce, etc. Let us say you want to have a new market like France, then search for the Twin Wineries in France, and look for the one you like the most.

#3 Communicating with your potential twins

Use the tools of this website to send messages and communicate with your potential twins.

Learn all about your future twin. where is he located, do you like their wines? get to know the persons and their approach to winemaking, marketing, their mission, etc.

#4 Twinning

Once you both agree to connect, discuss your wines and their wines, to make a list of the first exchange of wines between you. When will you start your actual mutual adventure?

Discuss all the marketing aids they have, and the ones you can offer. You both have to check as many aspects of your twinning, and the best is to thoroughly prepare an agreement as detailed as possible.

A good foundation will support long and healthy relations!

#5 Preparing your activity

Once the agreement is done, and the wines are on their way, it is time to organize your new activity as a Twin Winery.

Update your online shop with the new wines of your twin. Make a special page describing your twin and why you chose to bring his wines to your customers.

Get your tasting area ready to show the new wines, and prepare the dates of tasting.

Announce, advertise and go on the social networks and promote your new and expanded wine collection.

#5 Sell, sell, and sell more

With your new expanded wine selection expect more visitors to your winery and more online sales.

While you are selling your twin’s wines (and your wines too, of course) communicate with your twin and learn how your wines are selling, coordinate your marketing efforts and start to calculate when will it be necessary to exchange more wine between you.

#6 Finances and logistics

Every month or two you calculate the twin wine sales and the finances between you. transfer money when needed and decide on the next shipment.

#7 Expansion

Now that all goes well, and you are happy with the increased sales and profits, it is time to add another twin winery and gain access to a new country.

Simple, right?

You can go now and register here, or read on a hypothetical twin winery story.

A winery in Italy has an online shop, conducts events, tastings, and sells wine in the winery.

They have about 30 different labels to sell.

Imagine now that they could add another 20 labels of a French winery and maybe 15 more of a Swiss one. Their selection now is 65 labels, and It makes a lot of sense that their visitors, to the winery or the online shop, will buy and not leave empty-handed. The winery’s income will grow, and so will the profits.

But that is not all. The Swiss winery and the French winery will also exchange with the Italian winery and sell Italian wines. A third winery will increase sales and profits for each of the three wineries, and by twinning together, each winery will sell in two new markets.

  • Get a wider wine selection to sell
  • Sell more and profit more
  • Your margin of profits is much higher
  • You export your wine to new markets