Frequently Asked Questions

We never give any statistics about prices, wines, buyers or wineries. We fully protect the identities and digital data of our members, that is our policy.

We know that the “normal” marketing practice used by the wine trade concentrates on quantity of potential buyers or wineries.

The wine market is based today on the quantity of communication, The Internet made it easy to send thousands of emails with a click of a button and hundreds of incoming phone calls, etc. This quantity just makes life harder to manage and creates resentment.

We operate differently.

Our marketing system focuses on aligning the wine offered with the buyer’s request. We operate on the notion that the deal is based on best satisfying the buyer and the winery. Quality of the contact and not the quantity.

We have our offices in Portugal and in the USA. Each of these offices takes care of a different aspect of the business.

The Portuguese office deals with anything connected with customer support, and marketing.

The USA headquarters deals with administration, finances, Tech support, and IT

When you find no answer or solution in this FAQ the best is to fill out the Help form below, and we will answer you as soon as possible.

This is  what the wineries consider the most important question.

We have many potential wine buyers from all over the world. They are looking for wine, and send us requests which detail the specifics of the wine they are looking for.

This, by definition,  are HOT prospects.

The wine buyer stays anonymous throughout the process, and they reveal their identity only to the winery they chose to buy the wine from.

Once we get a request, our Algorithm (artificial intelligence search engine) goes through all our database and looks for the wines that fit well with the request.

Once the list of wines is completed, the AI Search Engine emails the wineries to let them know they can present the chosen wines to the buyer.

At that point the winery decides weather to upgrade that wine so we can present it to the buyer. (The upgrade costs $60 and is the only fee we charge)

We then send the buyer the upgraded wines. The buyer checks the specifications and prices, etc. of all the submitted wines, and decide which wine he will buy.

Once decided, the buyer contacts the winery directly and negotiates the deal. We do not charge anything from the buyer or the winery.

throughout the process the wineries can not see the buyers AND can not even see other wineries' wines so their data is protected.

What are the steps for you to get your wines into our database?

  1. Register as a member with frees of $30 per year.
  2. List as many of your wines as possible - free of charge - and enter a much data as possible. This is important because the more data the buyer has the better and faster the buyer can decide.
  3. Do not forget to upload at least one image of your label. This is the most important item the buyer wants to see.
  4. Once you have your wines listed, just relax. We will contact you once out Algorithm chose a wine of yours.

We deliver a new B2B marketing system to provide a better and faster way to connect wine buyers and wineries.

All data is protected and the identities of members are confidential.

We provide only the wines to the wine buyer that fit with the request the buyer gave us.

The deal is negotiated and completed directly by the wine buyer and the winery. We do not take part of the contact, the negotiations, nor we charge any extra fees or commissions.

The buyers define exactly what wines they are looking for. Sometimes it is a very detailed and specific description and sometimes it is more general.

You should list wines that fit as much as possible their descriptions.

Once you list the wine you chose to present the buyer,  upgrade the listing by paying the upgrade fee, and we will present your wine to the buyer.

Our System is Beneficial for the Buyers and the Sellers, and Here is Why.

There is no way to browse or find a request for wine on the website itself. We keep the requests and the identity of the buyers confidential.

We do that because we don't want to flood the buyers with unnecessary, high volume, incorrect messages about wines they do not want! We make sure that the buyer sees only the wines that really fit the request he sent us.

All the requests are kept anonymous.

Sometimes we advertise or post a request on our blog and on social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or others, so it is best for you to sign up for our newsletter that will let you know immediately when a request is published.

The majority of the requests though never get disclosed.

You can not see the wines that are on our database because our system is totally different and a new way to serve the wine business.

You as a buyer have only to post a request for exactly what wine you are looking for, anonymously, and our unique algorithm will send you the list of the wines that fit your needs. All this is without exposing your name.

Once you get the list of the wines you can then look at them, their labels, and data and choose which one you want and get in contact directly with the winery.

No commissions, No middleman, No BS

There are two main  reasons:

  • When the winery pays to upgrade their wine they demonstrate they believe their wine is valuable and attractive enough to get a buyer to buy it and the consumer to appreciate it. This is a very important point for the buyers when they evaluate a wine, The buyers want to deal with confident wineries that believe in their wine, and are willing to put their money where their mouth is!
  • We at BuyWell.Wine have a mission to help disrupt the wine trade and make it easier to create deals especially for small or medium-sized wineries and buyers. That is a noble mission but we need still to be economically viable and that is where your listing fees help!

Our database is not open to browsing! No member, be it a winery or a wine buyer can see any of the wines and there is a good reason for that.

We do not want the buyers to invest time and effort in trying to find the wines they need by browsing through thousands of wines. The whole purpose of our website is to make it simple and easy for wine buyers.

Our Unique Algorithm is the magic behind our system and this Algorithm responds to the wine buyer by listing for him an accurate list of the wines that he is looking for, making our process much more efficient!

Another reason  is that a closed database prevents "spying" by other wineries and make the wineries confident that their data is available only for bona fide buyers

 "A Cover is Not the Book" 

One should not judge the quality of the wine by the label (or the bottle) the wine is in, but the reality is that the customers do select wine by browsing the wine shelves and picking the one that draws their attention.

The years we dealt with wine buyers taught us that they too make the judgment based on the label. They do that because they know their customers will do the same and buy wine based on the label.

That is why we know that to present a wine to a buyer without the label is a waste of time for all concerned.

Please upload at least one image of the label, and if possible also one image of the bottle.

Sometimes, very rarely, a temporary problem happens and the transaction with Stripe or PayPal does not go through.

If that happens please send us an email so we can fix the problem, and of course, we will email you once it is fixed so you can complete your purchase.

If you are a wine buyer your registration and wine requests are always free of any charge!

If you represent a winery, you pay $30 a year for membership and that gives you the right to list all your wines for free.

Once your wine was chosen to be submitted to a wine buyer, we notify you so you can upgrade the wine so we will submit it.

The $60 upgrade fee is minimal and covers the presentation of your wine for that request you answered and to any other during the next 12 months!


Once you click on the question that matches the answer you are looking for, the answer will be revealed.