The Winery that bottles emotions

A new concept to the wine industry comes from Lisbon, the capital of Portugal.This producer is the WORLD’S 1st WINETECH COMPANY. They were considered as the world’s most innovative winery at the 2014 Wine Business Innovation Summit, in Germany. The idea they have is to connect the drinking of the wine with the emotions present […]

Sugar Free Wine? Hello Wine Goodbye Sugar

This miracle is being produced in Italy, in a winery in the Calamandra Piamonte area. Here is what they say. “The PURE Winery began with a vision to create a new category of wine to meet the needs of today. Blending unique and traditional techniques in our wine fermentation process, we’re able to convert all-natural sugars into […]

In Defense of the Wine Label!

With the high-speed accessibility of data through the internet and mobile phones, there has been a lot of websites and apps that tried to harness the data in order to influence the wine sales. In many ways, the ability to check out wine before buying it makes sense, and can obviously impact the way consumers […]

Wine Brand Name can be a USP

[ Yellow Tail ] is the brand name. You can read all bout the story of creating this brand name here: “Yellow Tail: Clever Brand Positioning Within The American Wine Industry” A brand name is: “A brand name is a name (usually a proper noun) applied by a manufacturer or organization to a particular product or service. Brand names are […]