About us

We’ve been helping boutique wineries and specialized buyers connect for the past 10 years and used our sales and marketing experience in the wine industry to create BuySell.Wine.  Our mission is to help small to medium wineries reach the international market and to help buyers find new undiscovered and exciting wines from around the world. We help create new wine trade relationships by using personal consultants with the help of a unique search engine to match wineries and buyers in a simple,  but personal effortless process without commissions. Our headquarters are located in Cadaval, Lisbon Portugal, handling marketing and community outreach. Our administration, finance, product and engineering team is located in California, USA. 

“What really matters is the help we provide to others”

With lots of experience in creating businesses, managing, and marketing, combined with the intimate knowledge we gathered in the wine trade, we established this service as an out of the box solution to the present wine marketing.

We use the available data reach of the Internet in a new and bold marketing system to take advantage of the new options opened by this data highway.

Izhar Perlman – Co-Founder

Our Mission

After years of helping wineries to sell their wine in the US market, we decided to disrupt the wine market by changing the way wine buyers and wineries connect, thus solving the wine trade problems we encountered.

Our system presents the wine buyer only with the wines he wants while giving the winery a fair chance for great deals that otherwise would require a huge investment in marketing. 

The system is safe and confidential. The identities of the members and all their data are hidden and revealed only to the specific buyer who requested the wine.

We created an efficient new way to help wine buyers and wineries to make deals with minimum friction and expenses.

The BuySell.Wine Founders

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Mareting & Community Outreach

​Largo da Cutelaria, 8
Casais de Montejunto
2550-354 Cadaval

Cell+ WhatsApp: +351934144870

Administration & Computerization

San Diego, Ca. USA

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Use the Live Chat option (on the right low side of the screen) to get connected in real-time, when I, Izhar Perlman, the Co-Founder am online or leave me a message when I’m offline.

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