With all these sales guides, sales systems, seminars, and training, the persons involved in making a wine deal tend to think of the deal as a win-lose battle.

Get out of your fighting mood. You are not a black-dressed ninja, and your mission is to establish a long term profitable relationship.

The harder and most expensive part of creating a relationship between a winery and a wine buyer is the time and money that leads to the meeting.

Do not waste that for the greed of making a quick buck.

If you are the winery owner or salesman, your concern is to sell the wine at a good profit yet to give the wine buyer a good price so he can sell your wine and get repeat orders.

The same goes for the wine buyer. One should not “squeeze” the lowest price from the winery. Having a happy supplier means you can build a healthy business relationship.

The wine buyer and the winery have to take responsibility to work on a solution that will bring a winning result to each of them. The first item, of course, is the price, but you both should include promotional materials, marketing effort, and global tactics on how to enter the market and GROW together!

Business is not a fight. Do not use the one-sided, egotistical sales techniques being pushed by the sales gurus!

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