We decided to change.

Our mission in creating BuySell.Wine was to get more sales for wineries by easily and smartly connecting them with wine buyers, and we did it.

It is just that the volume, although profitable for our clients and us, is not in the range that we expected, and it certainly does not make a big change in the wine scene.

As founders, we gave this issue a lot of thought, and because our main goal was not to “make money” but to help wineries, we had to find a way to make a huge difference. We are aware that wineries are very wary of investing money in marketing and advertising. We know that each one of you had incidents where you were “taken for a ride” and lost money, and with it, the trust in new ways to promote or sell your wines.

So we decided that BuySell.Wine will concentrate on the real purpose! Making it easy and fast to connect between wineries and buyers. We also are aware that there is a trend on the Internet to give users a FREE TOOL, just as a helpful gesture.

So here is the new BuySell.Wine – ALL FREE!

Register your winery (or if you are a wine buyer) for free! List all your wines – for free!

Registered wine buyers can search our database « for free and contact you via messages or other means. And create new deals – for FREE!

We hope this will serve the wine community and what better time to do that than Christmas!

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”

― Winston Churchhill


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