23% of Wine Consumers are Overwhelmed

According to a wine segmentation report a very interesting fact shows that twenty-three percent – that is almost one in every four wine consumers – are overwhelmed ( completely overcome or overpowered by thought or feeling*) when having to choose wine. Using the term “overwhelmed” indicates the actual state of the wine customer. She feels stressed and helpless. Confused and feeling stupid.

  • Overwhelmed by the sheer volume of choices on store shelves

This is not surprising, especially to a person who is not a wine professional. Just imagine yourself entering a supermarket wanting to buy milk, going to the dairy aisle, and confronted not with thirty or forty milk varieties. Now you are certainly not a milk professional so you either stand there confused and overwhelmed, or just buy the milk you always buy.

Now, imagine the wine consumer being confronted by several aisles with hundreds of wine bottles, countries, regions, colors, labels, and more. Hundreds of bottles in front of you. with hundreds of regions and thousands of varietals.

  • Like to drink wine, but don’t know what kind to buy and may select by label

What this means is these consumers don’t have enough education about wine, and they think the subject is too complicated, so they take the second-best way to choose the wine, and they choose the label they like. Of course, they do not consult properly the technical data on the label, and would not start to read hundreds of labels. They actually choose the wine by the appearance of the label (the graphic design and the name). Besides the horrifying fact that wine is chosen by graphics and not by the pleasure it is expected to give the person who buys it, this means you can add lots of sales by making your labels less confusing and much more appealing to your consumers.

  • Looking for wine information in retail settings that’s easy to understand

Let us be truthful. Understanding wine is a very complex subject. It is almost a mystery and the wine industry keeps it that way because being a mystery makes it very fashionable, desired, posh and it justifies the prices when they are extremely expensive.

There is no effort to educate the consumer, but this is a very good opening for you, the winery owner, as you can educate consumers by making the subject as simple as possible and share the data freely on your website, and more importantly, in the shops where your wine is being sold. A small investment that can go very far.

  • Very open to advice, but frustrated when there is no one in the wine section to help

So besides creating the most simple and unconfusing labels, it is again very clear that simple knowledge and helping pointers near your bottles will get you more customers. One simple way of doing that is attaching a clear simple statement with the benefit your wine will add to the customer (think as an example “best fitted for a party where this wine will give an easy-drinking, tasteful, and will be appreciated by women and men alike”). Be truthful and specific. Aim at the correct public

  • If information is confusing, they won’t buy anything at all.

This is why the above advice is so important for you. Use it and gain customers because few wineries pay attention to these potential customers.

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Cheers and stay well!



 *overwhelm (v.)

mid-14c., overwhelmen, “to turn upside down, overthrow, knock over,” from over- + Middle English whelmen “to turn upside down” (see whelm). Meaning “to submerge completely” is early 15c. Perhaps the connecting notion is a boat, etc., washed over, and overset, by a big wave. Figurative sense of “to bring to ruin” is attested from 1520s. Related: Overwhelmedoverwhelmingoverwhelmingly.


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