The Superpower of the Wine Market

So who got this superpower in the global wine market?

The wine market is built in several layers

  • grape growers
  • wineries
  • importers
  • distributors
  • shops
  • consumers

Each of these groups or layers has some power over the wine market, but the biggest one that dominates it is the importers.

From my viewpoint, there are two reasons for that.

  • The first reason is that there are so many wine producers worldwide that the competition is very very fierce. The wineries are too many and most of them are too small, so they resort to banging on the doors of the importers and trying their best to make a sale.
  • The second one is that most of the small and mid-size wineries are owned by either a family business or by someone who is absolutely in love with wine and the art of producing it. Bith if these have their attention on creating the best wine they can create and less attention on the marketing side of it.

The very big wineries are, from my viewpoint, just a commercial organization, and the part of creating the wine is left for the professionals but the main activity of the organization if marketing and promotion.

Ans there is also this exception to the above. Those very few wineries which produce the 90+ points wine are considered pure gold (from the marketing viewpoint) and these are just out of the regular game of the wine market.

How to make the wine market shift the superpower to the wineries?

That is a good question and I hope someone out there has the correct answer

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