Why should I buy your wine?

When I pick a bottle of wine, what can I see?

  1. The label – is it graphically catchy?
  2. The bottle itself and the sensation it gives
  3. The name of the wine – can I even pronounce it?
  4. The name of the winery
  5. The country of origin
  6. The price of course
  7. The varietals
  8. The vintage
  9. The description of the color and taste of the wine
  10. etc. etc.

These are all very important data, especially to a connoisseur.

These are all FEATURES of the wine!

Normally, this is all the wine will display. This is the laziest way to market your wine.

What is missing?

The benefits!

What will I get out when I buy your wine?

Ah ha… easier said than done, but what really your buyer will get from buying your wine?

  • Will he be happier?
  • Will he score when he brings that to his date?
  • Will people appreciate the money he spent on this wine?

This is the hardest to find and advertise on the bottle, but it is the right way to make your wine sell and resell!

It is the benefit that will make the customer gladly choose your wine and part with his money.

You can be bold about it. You can write on the label “This wine is delicious” or even better, “this wine is easy to drink and will make your woman happy”

It can be done also with images. Is this the benefit the buyer will get when buying your wine?

Makes sense to you?

Did you ever use a benefit to sell your wine?

If you would like some help in figuring out the BENEFIT of your wine you can email me



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