How-To Increase Your Wine Sales - tip #1

How-To Increase Your Wine Sales – Tip #1

From the philosophical domain to the practical life application

“If Human beings experience Life beyond one’s physical nature, the need for conquest, conflict, and violence shall not exist.”

This is a saying done by Sadhguru, and I wanted to ask you to try and apply this idea to your professional life (you can apply it to life in general too, of course)

What does this quote really tell us?

If you are willing to look at your life in a much broader viewpoint, open your mind (and heart) to the possibility that there is more to life than just the physical existence, then your viewpoint will change, and the way you operate in life will change as well.

Looking at your life only from the physical point of view seems a hard, pitiless fight! It is a “dog eats dog” way of operating. I need to win to survive so I need to win even if the other person loses, even worse, I need to make sure the other losses so I can win!

The best way to demonstrate this is with a sports game. When you play tennis with your opponent you want to wine, and in order for you to win the other player needs to lose.

But if we look at life as more than a physical existence then the need to survive is connected to the physical part of your life.

Once the need to survive is not a major part of life, then you can start to look at life as a  game, not a serious game but an enjoyable game. In order for you to survive well, you need to act and behave in coordination and consideration with other people.

To go back to the sports example, think of your life as a team member of a football team. Does not matter who in your team scores, the wine is for all the team. So in life consider yourself part of the human race or even the team of life, and the game is not to between two teams of people, but between people and their goal to achieve a better life.

It is that feeling of playing a game just for the FUN of it without the serious consequence of “I need to win”.

So How-To Apply This To Your Wine Sales?

Instead of “playing” against other wineries put your attention on how to make your wine better and increase the value you deliver with your wine to the wine buyer, his customers, the happy emotions you can create with your wine, and the fun you are having while creating it!

Do not “fight” your competitors, do not speak badly about them or about their wine. Do not concentrate on comparing your wine to theirs. Your sales to their sales, Your production to their production, and your happiness to their happiness. It is not about you versus them, it is about you and having fun while participating in the biggest game of them all – Life!

To give you an example from what we do and how we operate in

We are not here to destroy “competitors” or to generate the biggest profits. For us this is not a surviving issue – it is a fun game!

We concentrate on helping wineries sell their wines in the most efficient and cheapest way. This of course helps all the participants in the “wine trade” business, including the consumers. We created this system to give a fair chance to each producer, each wine, and each wine buyer, and to base the judgment on the merits of the wine, the winery, and the wine buyer.

This way everybody wins- The winery, the wine buyer, wine shops, consumers, and also us.

Ours is not a game of numbers and quantity but of quality and benefits!

Our bonus? we are happy and are having FUN!

What do you think? let us hear your opinion


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