YES, I do!

Especially if you are a wine buyer or winery manager.

Here we are, July 2020, and the COVID-19 changed our lives and the way we do business.

The traditional working wine trade is now broken.

No Wine Trade Shows. No easy traveling and you are not supposed even to shake hands to mark a successful deal!

Watch this, carefully!

Times are a-changin’

Probably you sit there, head down, introverted into your crushed wine business, and waiting for the storm to pass and that everything will get back to normal!.

Wake Up!

Doing nothing or waiting for sure won’t help. Not now and not when you are facing a grizzly bear!

You got the idea, right?

You need to change something, but what?

When I drive around these days I can see many shops and businesses closed! Their owners decided to quit – play dead! This is a solution but it is certainly not a happy one and not something we should wish for.

Some continue as they did before, with strange new rules, that cut viciously their profitability.

The Basic Idea

When you started your wine business a winery, wine imports, distribution, or a wine shop, you had some image of what you want to achieve. It was first an idea!

You took this idea and turned it into a business, working hard to grow, produce better, and get more clients.

It was working just fine. Your customers bought and appreciated your products.

This did not stop! They are still out there, and they still want your products.

As long as your business fits well with the consumers, then it is wrong to abandon it.

The Pivot Definition

“A dramatic change in policy, position, or strategy:” As defined by a book called “The Lean Startup” a pivot is “A structured course correction designed to test a new fundamental hypothesis about the product, strategy, and engine of growth.”

You keep the basic idea or purpose of your busienss, but change the way you operate in order to achieve more growth.


Do not wait but find the change that will make you win in the present situation, and do it NOW

Still uncertain? Here is why to pivot with us


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