How to Encourage Loyalty of Wine Drinkers?

It is no secret that the wine label is the most important sales generator, but I just discovered a new way of how wine labels can help wineries, importers, and shops.

Here is what Luisa Suarez, of EZI WINE Studio, reveals about this new viewpoint (at least to me it is!).

Luisa Suarez - Project Manager, Marketing
Luisa Suarez – Project Manager, Marketing


Wine drinkers tend to be disloyal at times. They love to try new brands. That is why the label
becomes such an important factor in the act of buying wine. There needs to be colors and
creative artwork to send out a clear message about the quality of the wine as well as its origins.
Buying a new brand becomes an emotional transaction.
The wine label is designed to stand out, or even jump out to make a quick first impression.
Whether the wine comes from a well-established winery or is part of the whole new natural
wine trend that’s is getting more and more popular, the label has to have accurate information
about the wine itself in order to communicate not only emotion but also something of value to
the consumer.
So, planning and research is required when creating a new label. Many details must be taken
into consideration besides the content and the narrative; the shape of the label, fonts, paper
quality and texture, print technics. At EZI WINE Studios, that’s when graphic designers and
creators get to work, by presenting different options and artistic directions to consider. The
people behind the wine itself provide the product and the story, And we come up with the
packaging, finding the right balance between tradition and current trends in order to make the
product stand out and create a connection with the wine lovers.


As an example, here is Luisa’s favorite label created by the EZI Wine Studio.\

Thank you, Luisa


Why Loyalty is SO Important?

The acquisition of a new customer is ALWAYS quite expensive when you take into consideration all the actions and price tags connected with selling this new customer your wine.

Imagine an acquisition price of $2 a bottle, and what a difference it makes if you are selling to the new customer once ($2) or 4 times ($0.50)

This figure is very important as well for the wine buyer, and shops. A wine and label that inspires customer loyalty reduces expenses and INCREASE profits!

What actions do you take to increase customers loyalty to your wines?


Contact information to Luisa: EZI WINE Studio, 25 years of creating brand images and packaging.

Go and check EZI Wine Blog here


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