“an opportunity for Italian wine tourism” – is actually an opportunity for ANY wine tourism

The FIRST GREAT IDEA how to HELP THE WINERIES in this difficult time!
Just saw a blog post by an Italian wine blogger, Francesco Saverio Russo, who stated correctly that this year should be a WINE TOURISM year.
I think this is a brilliant idea and should be embraced by any governmental tourism bureau as the campaign to do this year!

As the original is in Italian, here is the translation as done by Google:

“We live in a wonderful country! It is so obvious that we often forget about it.

It is at the limits of the absurd that a biblical health emergency has been needed to read titles like “this year we choose Italy for our holidays”, yet this is happening and all that remains is to make a virtue of necessity.
So, here I am talking again about wine tourism and how much every single region of our country can offer to all of you who are passionate about vineyards and wine, also and above all in a particular situation such as that which has arisen due to the coronavirus.
I wrote years ago that Italy is the only country in which a compass with an ideal aperture of 50km (and I have been wide!) Can be pointed at random, having the absolute certainty of finding vineyards within the circle drawn. This simple consideration, in reality, wants to emphasize how vast and varied the wine tourism offer of our country is and when viticulture is rooted in every single region and even more in every single area, with its culture, its tradition, its people and, last but not least, with beautiful landscapes.
vineyard wine tourism
Source: www.sentiero.eu
Although the numbers of the last 3 years are actually more than positive, it is clear that wine tourism in Italy has never been pushed enough (the data give it growth refer to non-congenial starting levels for the nation with the highest wine production in the world), the wineries are slow to become fully aware of their potential (with the exception of some regions historically devoted to quality food and wine tourism) and the government recognized it in legal terms only in 2017 and regulated by a decree-law only in 2019. What is happening in this absurd 2020, however, can and must be an opportunity to start right from the Italians, with the tourism of proximity that allows couples or small groups of enthusiasts to live experiences that other contexts could not give in a situation so particular and limiting. Here, then, that in the summer when the countryside and the agritourism structures are becoming an ideal destination for many Italians (and not only!) Our wine tourism companies will necessarily have to be ready to offer themselves as a unique opportunity to live moments of the name serenity and taste in complete safety.
I imagine, therefore, picnics and dinners (perhaps with collaborations between local wineries and restaurateurs, including high-profile ones, to offer various experiential standards) among the rows in which, ideally, the rows themselves will become “social spacers” giving a blow to the very sad images that wished for Plexiglas panels as partitions on the beach and even in the restaurant.
Obviously, there will always be the opportunity to taste quality wines in the open air or in suitable tasting rooms, for small groups, in full compliance with the rules.
The quality of the proposals both in terms of “accommodation facilities” and food and wine experience will make the difference as much as the ability to communicate sustainability, healthiness, and even more meticulous attention to customers.
It is important, however, to understand that the wine tourism chain this year will suffer a severe blow from the almost total absence of foreign tourists who represented a considerable portion of the guests of wineries with farmhouses and wine resorts in Italy. Still, I like to think that the Italians this year can pour into the countryside and, in particular, in the wine-growing realities that will allow more or less short holidays in the name of good living, good food and, of course, good food.
It is up to us to choose what to do in the coming months and I have no doubts about it: this year I am a wine tourist!
Yes, I know … for a vineyards trotter like me it may seem obvious, but in reality, it is not at all! Precisely because for me, traveling around vineyards and cellars, however pleasant, has always been a professional commitment, my short summer holidays have often passed them away from contexts in which it would have been impossible for me to relax 100%. This year, however, I believe it is essential that we food-lovers plan our holidays in the wine-growing areas of our country trying to involve even those who do not yet seem to have developed a purely “wine-loving” passion, but, I am sure, they will still be able to enjoy a holiday in campaign discovering, perhaps, a new interest.
In an interview for a French magazine, they asked me which wine tourism destinations to recommend to European tourists who could find confidence in our country in the coming months but I didn’t know how to choose and I didn’t want to do it! What I said is that in Italy we have every type of solution:
-from the one in the hinterland in purely rural contexts in which to live a holiday in the name of that healthy and vital freedom that only the countryside can give;
– those of lakes and mountains to combine hiking, trekking, mountain biking, and other sports activities but also and above all relaxation;
-two steps from the sea thanks to which you can enjoy the refuge of the countryside without giving up the beach.
Just choose! For my part, I will continue to give my support to the supply chain making myself available to give straight – in a completely friendly form – to anyone who will ask me about the areas and territory to visit, trying to help you live a holiday of discovery and amazement.
This year the hashtag of our holidays will be #iosonounenoturista (which translates to #iamawinetourist).”
Thanks to @daniele Nocotra for posting  this gem

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