We all get upset

Some of us on a daily basis, some rarely.

Some get red in the face, high blood pressure. others hold it all inside

Some get angry, vocal, and accusing, others are bottled up with that bad energy.

Here is a very very wise saying, originated from my late friend, John Rafanello.

He was an American of Italian origins, so when you read the phrase, imagine this smiling face with a made up Italian accent:

John Rafanello John Rafanello


“When I get upset, I am the one who suffers. This is not smart”

It is a simple phrase, but just let it sink in.

When we are upset we think that this horrible negative energy reaches someone else. Our idea is that by getting upset we can fix the situation, feel better by letting off steam, but the truth, even if it is hard to confront, is that it is us that suffer!

We get upset when something goes wrong or something bad happened. The logical thing to do is start to think and plan how can we overcome this setback, what actions can we take to remedy this unwanted situation.

Way back, our primitive ancestors had to react to dangerous situations by getting ready to fight back and demonstrating their power, which they did by getting angry and flexing their muscles. This is a physical reaction to a physical situation

Today this is seldom the case.

So the next time something happens and you feel like getting upset, cool it down for a second and remember:

“When I get upset, I am the one who suffers. This is not smart”, top suffering. This instantly will make you feel better and logical again so you can handle it logically.


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