South Africa Wine to the USA


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You Spend $2000 to $3000* to Get a Hot Prospect for Your  Wine!

Calculate your own  CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost). Be realistic!

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Don’t Miss
This Chance

*These figures are based on outryears of experience of marketing small wineries to the US market.
For more information how to calculate your CAC go here

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Get Your Hot Prospect
for Only $60

YES! That is exactly what you get when you submit your wine to this request.

  • A serious, verified, professional wine buyer
  • Looking for your type of wine to buy
  • He needs the wine NOW!
  • You risk only $60
  • Nobody can see your data (besides this buyer)

Bonus: Once you submit your wine it will be submitted to any request that asks for this wine – for the next 12 months!

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