Dead Serious, Are You? (Part 1)


Remark: This is the first post in a series that, hopefully, will change your life and make you an “unserious” man!
It is especially directed to these creative and passionate women and men in the wine business. I believe you will be happier and more successful when you are less serious!

If there is ONE action that will
transform your life, will you do it?

Do yourself a big favor and listen to this wise man (I know, he is a guru, but do not judge the man by his title, listen and evaluate his words)

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Would you take some time, daily for the rest of your life, to do simple unimportant and not serious actions?

Can you take some time daily to have a “holiday” from the daily serious routine of your life?

Are you willing to learn?

Will you still cling to the brainwashing idea that was planted in your head by your parents, teachers and society? The phrase you heard every time you had some fun? “BE  SERIOUS!”?


Time to change your attitude to life.Be less serious and life will treat you better! Your work will become again fun and easy to accomplish!

Wow, I would love to hear your thoughts about this one!

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