2 Reasons Why Loving Your Own Wines Damages Your Sales?

Loving Your Own Wine is Normal

It is natural to love the things you own or create! After all, it was YOU who created these.

A parent loves his child! You are much more inclined to love your home or car.

It is not long because you created, bought, or chose the th9ings ou love, it is also because you spend a lot of time with them. The more time you spend with a person or a thing the more you “like” it or have more affinity with it

Distance also has a lot to do with Affinity. You like the items that are near you or to put it another way, the things you like you want close to you, ad the things you despise you push away as far as can be.

So of course it absolutely makes sense that you would love the wine you own, created, sold, or been with for a long time.

So the outcome of this natural law of affinity is that we do not treat objects or people we love the same way as the ones we hate.

the way we treat someone we love and someone we hate
Chef Gordon Ramsay demonstrates the above rule!

Reason Number 1: Love Makes You Lie to Yourself!

When you like or love, suddenly your eyesight develops a pinkish filter, where your attention goes to the good aspects and disregards or diminishes the imperfections.

You do that with people and objects, and when your passion is your wine, your judgment, most probably, will become less harsh.

It is true that the passion for your wine makes you also a more zealous person who will protect his wine as if they were his children.

Lying to yourself about your wine will make you claim that your wine has characteristics it actually doesn’t have. Most times overselling a product with small lies and exaggeration does not pay well in the long run.

Reason Number 2: Love Makes You Concentrate on the Wine

When up love your wine you tend to take a viewpoint that the wine itself is sufficient to sell itself. The wine is only a part of the package the buyer wants. Yes, he wants a good wine, but also the right price. He wants to know that he will be able to sell the wine and that the customers will like it. He wants to be sure he will have no competition of another buyer selling your wine. ere are many more reasons that change from buyer to buyer.

Loving your wine leads you to disregards the buyers’ needs, and that leads to lost sales.

To summarize the above, here is what you must follow this rule:

It is Absolutely OK to Love Your Wine as Long as You Never get LAZY to  Not Take Into Considerations the Buyer and His Needs

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