4 Important Parts of the Elevator Pitch that will Increase Your Wine Sales

What is an elevator pitch?

We all know what an elevator is, a cage that transport people and cargo up and down buildings.

The pitch is defined by the free dictionary as “Informal To attempt to promote or sell, often in a high-pressure manner: “showed up on local TV to pitch their views” (Business Week).”

Imagine entering an elevator and riding it upwards three floors. When you enter you see the wine buying agent for a big chain of restaurants. A perfect opportunity to present that prospect with why he should become your customer. You, therefore, have his attention for some seconds and that is the time you should be able to sell him why he should buy from you!

Thus your elevator pitch should be very short, well structures, and easily understood. It is an idiom that says what a sales pitch should be and makes it into a visual image.

The elevator pitch is about selling, it can be an idea, service or product. It can also “sell” the company itself, its purpose, or its staff.

About the importance of having an elevator pitch writes Vemagnet: “Designed to sum up the vision, direction, and outlook of your company in a neat package, the elevator pitch is something you’ll rely on when you’re raising capital, networking, or cold calling potential connections. Because of this, it pays to spend the time needed to ensure you’re getting it right.”

Three parts of the elevator pitch compose of the vision, which is what is it that you, your wine, or your winery are trying to achieve. The direction is how you are going to accomplish that, and the outlook is the overall description of the activity or the specifications.

These are important, for sure, but the fourth point is the most important of all.

The three parts were all about your wine, your winery, your staff, etc. It was all about you!

The fourth one is all about the Prospect, the wine buyer if you will. It is all about what will the buyer gain from buying your wine!

The technical data of the wine, the taste, the bottle, the label, and the price are all important details, but let us step into the head of the buyer for a second. What are the two most important things he needs to know to be willing to buy your wine?

1.  Will the final consumers buy the wine, What s the reason they will choose this wine? Id it the awards the wine got? the stunning label? the confidence in a well-known winery?

Let us admit that the taste of the wine is the last one that will influence them to buy the wine – the second time!

2. Will he make profits from buying your wine? is it a risky option or a safe one? will the shops he will place your wine also make profits so they will place repeating orders?

We normally have our focus on ourselves, on what we see and think. What is important to us. But this does not play a part in the decision of the buyer!

In order for you to increase your sales, you should concentrate on building that phrase that will sum up the four parts of the sales pitch, but the utmost important is on the fourth one.

WHAT WILL THE BUYER GAIN FROM MY WINE (Or dealing with my winery)

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