The 4 Steps to Find A Specific Wine in a “Haystack”

While going to trade shows or sipping hundreds of wine samples have their merits (like traveling around the world, or getting tipsy),  there is another way to get that elusive wine you are looking for.

Here is the fastest and easiest way to achiever that:

Step 1 – Define the Wine

Before you start the search you need to define exactly what you are looking for, and the more data you write down the better.

Normally one would decide on the country, region, varietals, and price, right? But there are so many other specifics you can add,. How about the size of the bottle? Shipping method? Promotional materials? awards? Exclusivity? A story behind the winery? or wine?

The more accurate you transfer the “picture”  of the wine from inside your head to the paper or computer screen, the better!

Step 2 – The Search

The search takes normally a long time and lots of actions.

You keep traveling to trade shows and taste hundreds of wines. Browsing the i\Internet checking out hundreds of websites, sending emails around, etc.

If you are lucky enough you can delegate this step to one of your aides, and still, this takes lots of time and you anyhow need to rely on the aide’s ability and knowledge to choose the right wine.

Important: This step includes reveling your identity and because of that you get back plenty of sales emails, phone calls, meetings, etc. that result in gigantic loss of time and harassment. 

Step 3 – Decision

Once you narrow the search for the three or four wines you, it is time to reach a conclusion and decide which wine will you go for, The preferred one and maybe the second or third alternative?

Step 4 – Closing the Deal

TIme to negotiate and reach a beneficial conclusion and an agreement!

The Smart Shortcut

The search step, which is the most time consuming and reveals your identity, can be done in a new smarter way.

Once you register as a professional wine buyer with BuySell.Wine you can originate an automated search for your wine profile – free of charge –  that will find your wine based on the specifics of your request (step number 1)

Our Artificial Intelligence Customized Search Engine will present to you a list of wines that answer perfectly (or very very close) to your request.

Not only this is free of any charge or commission, but you also remain anonymous during the whole process.

Only when you decide which winery to call (step 4) your identity is revealed only to the winery you contact.

Is it time for you to harness the best high tech solution to finding the wine you want?

Register now and start your first super hi-tech search.

P.S.  Just to make it clear- – it is free of any charge!

Start Now!

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