Year 1 of the Next Wine Revolution

What is Vegan?

“Vegans practice complete abstinence from the use of animal products in diet or as a commodity. People following the vegan lifestyle abstain from eating meat or meat-derived products and exclude eggs and dairy products as well. Other animal by-products such as gelatin or animal rennet are also avoided. Honey, silk, and other insect products may also be considered unsuitable for use or consumption.”

Is it easy to flip your wine production to vegan? Read on and find the answer

Vegan Market – Statistics and Facts

The expansion of the vegan market is huge! Whether you like it, fight against it, it does not matter because the market dictates that you pay attention if you want to be competitive in the wine market.

To put it in a shockingly graphic presentation here is the expected global increase

Vegan market increase graph

Can you ignore this coming reality? The wine market is abundant, with a growing number of new players (countries and wineries) making the competition even tougher and more challenging.

Forbes, in 2018, already stated in the article “Here’s Why You Should Turn Your Business Vegan In 2018” : “Sales of plant-based food in the US went up by 8.1% during the past year, topping $3.1 billion. That was in 2018!

So there is no doubt a new revolution is taking place.

How Come Wine is not Vegan?

Frances Gonzalez, a long-time vegan and wine expert, began Vegan Wines based on her own struggles finding and selecting the wine that was 100% free of animal products.

But isn’t wine vegan? It’s just grapes, right?

Not quite! Many wineries use animal products in the fining and fertilization processes of winemaking.

We’re talking egg whites, gelatin, fish bladders, and milk proteins – all used to clarify the wine. Lots of vineyards also use animal products in their fertilizers, like fish emulsion, blood, and bone meal.

Vegan Wines ensures our wines are animal-friendly from the soil up!

The Vegan wines company even has a logo designed for the vegan consumer

Will You Get into this Vegan Wine Market?

This might be the most important decision ahead of you. There is no doubt you need to take notice of this opportunity!

But is it easy to turn your production to vegan?

According to Eaton, it is quite easy and simple to flip your production to vegan: “Winemakers can substitute gelatin with pea protein easily and directly without any adaption of the established fining process and no special tools or additional equipment. SIHA Pea Protein can be combined with Eaton’s SIHA Active Bentonite and silica sol fining agents to improve the clarification effect and wine stability. Pea protein will be added to the wine first, in the second step bentonite will follow. Silica sol should be added last for the best fining result.”

After reading this post, will you start producing vegan wine?

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