Want To Discover How To Sell More Wine?

After years of consulting wineries and helping them with marketing their wine, there is no doubt in my mind that it is the sales of the wine that most preoccupy the winery management.

While there are many opinions about what is the best option (most efficient, Roi = Return on investment), especially among the marketing professionals and the marketing venues, I thought it would be very interesting and educating to ask the ones that practically use marketing and sales options go sell their wine.

To discover that I prepared a small survey, aimed at winery personnel that deals with sales, composed of one question.

The result of this survey could very well help you change your marketing efforts and increase your sales!

As soon as you answer the survey, you can click to see the accumulated results of this survey.

Please share with other wineries because the more wineries answer this survey the more accurate will be the result.


Let us discover the most efficient marketing option to sell wine!

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