The Winery that bottles emotions

A new concept to the wine industry comes from Lisbon, the capital of Portugal.This producer is the WORLD’S 1st WINETECH COMPANY. They were considered as the world’s most innovative winery at the 2014 Wine Business Innovation Summit, in Germany.

The idea they have is to connect the drinking of the wine with the emotions present in a situation – they call this concept Enotainment  

With wines names “Dine with me tonight” “Seafood & Co,” and “Bread & Cheese” they aim the wines to accompany certain foods and events

It is a major change of production procedure. It is, in a way, what is called in the software industry, reverse engineering*! The winery starts with the event and emotions that are present and develop the wine that is a perfect companion to this event and emotions.

Their website and labels too are very much social media oriented and absolutely not the regular winery website – vines, grapes, bottles and estate. Visit them here.

Here are some of their labels:

And “the cherry on the cake” as they say, is their ANTImanifesto, where others are talking about their “manifesto” or “purpose” or “Mission statement”, they are talking about what they are NOT, and while doing so they argue the wine should be tasted and appreciated not by the origin, varietals or marketing hype but with the entertainment and pleasure it provides.

Her is their Antimanifesto, enjoy!

*   Here is further explanation about the Reverse Engineering of their wines by Joao Monte from WWS :

Unlike other wine producers, WWS works their wines from the market to the vineyard, that is, they first identify consumer’s needs in terms of consumption moments and emotions, and only after that, the wine maker, Pedro Sereno, takes that information into the vineyard in order to make high quality wines that meet the initial briefing. WWS oenological irreverence has led them to search for the perfect liquid for each and every moment of life. WWS selects the premium Portuguese grapes to design and produce wine intimately inspired by and for the people who taste it. All the selection that is made, from the market to the vineyard/cellar, constitutes a major added value, with a highly specialized product associated to rigorous qualitative and certified criteria (Wine Growing Committee). The demands of this challenge make us study markets, people, land and vineyards, fragrances and flavours. WWS wines are designed up to the very last detail, from the vineyard straight to the hearts of those who drink it and will always be perfected to enhance peoples’ emotions. Because WWS knows how to hear your palate.

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