Sugar Free Wine? Hello Wine Goodbye Sugar

This miracle is being produced in Italy, in a winery in the Calamandra Piamonte area.

Here is what they say.

The PURE Winery began with a vision to create a new category of wine to meet the needs of today. Blending unique and traditional techniques in our wine fermentation process, we’re able to convert all-natural sugars into alcohol. Using blends of only the finest grapes — Pinot Noir, Pinot, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Barbera, and Merlot — our wines are crafted by our seasoned winemakers in one of Italy’s most respected wine regions. From red and white, to sparkling white and sparkling rosé, we have a zero sugar wine variety to match every occasion.”

The wine is sugar-free and so now the ladies (and the men) who are conscious about their weight can drink as much as they want. enjoy the wine without the heavy guilt trip!

To top this it is also a vegan wine without any additives and aims at the vegan generation which is developing at a fantastic pace

Marketing genius! No doubt about that, and then there is more. The name, PURE, is absolutely remarkable. It gives a major benefit, easy to remember, and breaks the mold of wine naming.

Last but not least, the labels themselves are a feast for the eye.

Hopefully, it also tastes good so the drinker loses nothing while gaining a lot (except weight).


You can check out their website,

It seems unlikely that after thousands of years, the wine production can innovate to such a degree, but they did it! Well done!

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