Do You Think Wine Is Sexy?

Sex sell!

From cars to perfume. wherever possible the advertising agencies will make the ads imply the product provides a sexual attraction or activity! As a matter of fact, whenever you see ads or a TV spot for a car the theme of the ad will be sex, with the car just interjected as the “solution” for the promise of sex. These ads are almost undistinguished from each other.

The same goes for the perfume industry. masculine or feminine, they all use sex as the reason to buy the perfume or aftershave.

It is interesting to see that all these ads are created by very well known and international companies. It totally acceptable that these honorable corporations with very valuable trademarks will use sex to sell their goods.

So What About Alcohol?

Sure, it is the same as cars and perfumes. Here are some examples. Again these are famous and respectable trademarks.

From whiskey to vodka and beer, but what about wine?

What About Wine?

When I googled “sexy ad for wine” I got no image of an ad for wine! I did get some results when I googled “sexy wine labels” though…

Although there are some sexy labels for wine, I could not find any big producer (like Yellow Tale, for instance). and it would be fantastic to understand the reasons for this.

Here are some questions that I hope you will answer. This is kind of a survey and after you answer the questions you will be able to see the results, which will be the results of people connected to the wine trade – it should be interesting for us all, and maybe we will uncover some new answers to old questions.


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