Wine Labels with a Unique Design

These exceptional labels jumped out of the screen when I browsed the website of Marco Canato & Giuseppina, the Canato WIneery.

The winery is located on the hills of Vignale Monferrato. At its feet lies the ancient “Fons Salera” (Salera spring), at the time famous for its precious thermal waters.

“We manage more than 10 hectares of vines, grown and cared to produce the best grapes. The grapes we harvest are processed and aged in our cellars and in our original “Infernot”, the typical Piedmontese cellar carved in the local tufaceous rock.” say Giuseppina and Marco

Although I haven’t tasted their wines, the wine bottles look posh and inviting and the labels (shown below) add to the feeling that the wine will be innovative and exceptional just as the labels are.

Well, that IS the purpose of the label, isn’t it?

Each bottle has a very different design but it is still unmistakenly connected to the other bottles in the series

What do you think about these labels?


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