A Hidden Unique Sales Point – In Plain Sight!

O I just love this game! I love the game of finding a Unique Sales Point. The USP (others call it Unique Value Proposition) is what makes a product or a company stand out as different from the others, and therefore stick to the memory of the customers as the one to buy.

When it comes to wine, it is normally very difficult to find this elusive USP. Wine, of course, has many broad USPs, like country of origin, DOP, terroir, varietals used, etc., but when you want to find a USP for a particular winery or a wine, one should go on a “hunt”, because, although each wine has its own unique smell, flavor, and color, it is hard to define these characteristics in a way that is unique!

And sometimes one gets lucky. Here is a story about a hidden USP in plain sight!

I was having a nice LinkedIn chat with Christophe Lanson, the CEO of a French winery Domaine de Leyre-Loup . He told me that they produce a white wine that is special. The winery is located in the Beaujolais Crus on granitic soils, and in the words of Christophe “We chose Viognier because we wanted to find the best grape variety to make white wine in the Beaujolais Crus on granitic soils”. At this point, I had to take a look at his website!

I started to “smell” a USP. Here is a white wine produced in an exclusive red wine zone.

I wanted to make sure their white wine is the only one in the Beaujolais Crus, and Christophe replied with a quote about that wine done by Le Figaro, Frane’s very known newspaper. Here it is, translated from Valérie Faust’s original Le Figaro paper, dated 7 March 2020.

“The estate of Jacques and Christophe Lanson, father and son, lays on 17 acres of Morgon and 7 of Fleurie.

It bears Terra Vitis and High Environmental Value certifications.

Here in Beaujolais, the king grape variety is Gamay and white wines are scarce. They are made of Chardonnay, which represents about 2% of the twelve Beaujolais appellations. Extremely confidential, the Viognier does not fall into the “Beaujolais blanc” category.

The Lansons are the only ones to grow Viognier in Morgon, on a climate called Bellevue, a granitic terroir very much suited for this grape variety.

2018, their first vintage, wears a pale gold color with a nose of apricot and almond blossom, an attractive, happy, very fresh and slightly lemony mouth with hazelnut aromas. Drunk all year round, soft and tender, the wine won’t mind a strong pairing with raw black pudding, where peppery notes will echo one another.”

The wine’s name is LES GRANITS DE BELLEVUE – Viognier on granites

WOW, we have now a white wine produced in a very well known area, Beaujolais, that almost every wine drinker knows. Not only that but it is the only one and the first one!

So here we have a USP. The only white wine that is produced in the red wine region!  Still, the USP did not sound good, something was missing, it had to have some easy recognizable element.

… and then Christophe himself gave me the answer, He wrote: “Viognier is to Chardonnay what Gamay is to PinotNoir.”

So here is the USA:

LES GRANITS DE BELLEVUE – The “Chardonnay” of Beaujolais Crus

Well, this still has to go through some legal verification, and also a skilled advertising copywriter might find a better slogan, but the essence of the USP is there. and it was really hidden in plain sight

I do hope Christophe will use it to generate lots of sales and carry on with the family search for perfection!

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