Can we modernize the wine bottle even more?

(This is part 2 of the post “Is it time to modernize the wine market?”}

The glass bottles are a very old product! Two thousand years ago they already were blowing bottles

The round shape of the bottle is the result of blowing air inside a blob of melted glass, and so the air pushes the glass evenly to form a round shape.

The round shape does not require thick glass and is also the most resistant to pressure and breakage!

This round shaped bottle stayed exclusively with us for almost two thousand years because you do not change a thing that functions that well (although we have other shapes – they are all either smaller or thicker glass).

But changes did come. The bag in a box, the aluminum can, and now the wineries are looking for more changes that will not only for a unique marketing advantage but also will save on energy, shipping costs and being greener.

Just the other day I saw a post by an Italian winery about an article (in Italian) that discussed this topic, and I want to give you the link to Eco-packaging, Why Not?  and although it is written in Italian you can use Google to translate it.

Here is the one package that they showed and which I find very smart and also a good marketing unique point.

flat wine bottle
TaDa…Here is the flat wine bottle

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