Is it time to modernize the wine market?

The wine market is basically the same for hundreds (maybe thousands) of years.

It is a mechanical activity that goes like this:

  • a farmer grows grapes
  • a winemaker creates wine
  • a salesman (maybe the grower or the winemaker) demonstrates the wine and sell it to people

This is the mechanics, and they changed through the years.

  • Being able to travel further made the market larger until it is worldwide today
  • The shipping methods changed to become faster and cheaper
  • The market became more sophisticated as data is easier to obtain – from printing to the Internet
  • The personal salesman and buyer now have a better and faster way of communication, from emails to wine trade shows

What did not change is the reliance on the personal touch to encounter wine, wineries, and buyers.

It seems to me that we are not yet using the Internet as we could.

To make this point clearer let us look at the matchmaking field. This also is a mechanical process that evolved over the years. First, it was the matchmaker in the village, then there were newspaper ads, and finally, we are at the matchmaking apps age.

It is still a mechanical process but we now use the computerized logical power to prepare much better the primary search. There is no need for a primary personal contact or “try and decide” method.

Using a computer Algorithm, we can now present to the searching woman, the chosen men she is looking for based on precisely the many and precise prerequisites.

Should the wine market step into the 21 century?

What do you think?



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