In Defense of the Wine Label!

With the high-speed accessibility of data through the internet and mobile phones, there has been a lot of websites and apps that tried to harness the data in order to influence the wine sales.

In many ways, the ability to check out wine before buying it makes sense, and can obviously impact the way consumers buy wine, however, in the case of a consumer in the supermarket who is facing the wine racks with hundreds of wines, the ability to look up data about a wine is not that influential, or at least not that much.

When a person enters a shop and wants to buy wine, his decision is based on these factors, and in this order.

First, He knows the wine and just goes to the wine rack and picks it up.

Second, he looks for a wine that was recommended to him, either by a friend, a spouse, an article or a commercial.

Third, He scans the rack of wine bottles and narrows in on the rack that interests him. Most wine shops order the wines according to the country of origin, wine regions or types (Red, White, etc.). This is where the label gets its importance. It is the sight that is man’s most important sense, and the one label that gets his attention first will be the one he will first check out.

There are a few pieces of research on the internet that deal with the importance of sight in man’s survival and his choice making. Here is an article about attention..

Only in the fourth place will any more data influence the buyer! This is valuable because more data can validate a positive decision to buy (or negate it).

If you, the reader, are old enough (like me) to remember the days of the vinyl records, they usually looked like the image above – full of colors, photos and images of the artists, and then there was this one:

This was the white album by the Beatles.

Nobody visiting a music shop could ever miss it!

I hope I made my point!



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