Who takes care of the small wineries?

Up to this moment  – nobody.

All Associations, government bodies, websites, advertising, fairs, etc., all take care of the ones that have the big production and the big bucks. This makes sense moneywise as the bigger the winery, the bigger is the production and the marketing budgets that generate more profits. But we changed that!

During our extensive experience of helping wineries to export, we noticed that lack of turnover, profits, and investment made it almost impossible for a small or medium-sized winery to compete in the global wine market.

The marketing budget that lets a winery to get “out of the gate” into the market is so high that either the winery does not have it or if they do, it becomes such a big percentage of the anticipated sales that there is no margin for profit left.

We noticed another interesting fact. We dealt with lots of wine importers, distributors, and networks of shops, hotels, and restaurants. They all stick to the known wines because these are what the public normally ask for. But, they are also very much interested, and constantly on the look for new and exciting wines. These wines are generated by small and medium-sized wineries.

Here is a paradox. What the buyers are interested in are seldom available for them because of the high marketing budgets the small wineries can’t afford. That is why our market is dealing only with these wineries and gives the buyers exactly what they are looking for.

We also noticed that the wine market is a buyer market. That means that the hundreds of thousands of wineries are competing for the attention of a very limited number of buyers. This, of course, dictates an enormous flow of advertising and promotion directed to the buyers.

This fact makes the buyers neglect most of these communications, and so we changed this too. Our buysell.wine market is built the other way around.

Our registered buyers, currently in the thousands, have their email boxes guarded and secret. No winery can communicate with them unsolicited. The wineries, small or medium-sized only, upload the wines they want to sell to our database. Our unique BuySell Wine Deal Algorithm presents only the wines that fit the search request or profile  of the buyer.

If the buyer is interested, he directly emails the winery and they negotiate a deal. We are not involved in any of the negotiations or transactions, and we do not charge any commissions. This dramatically reduces the cost for small and medium wineries to showcase their wines, and it allows buyers to find new wines more quickly and efficiently.

Our mission is to step up to the plate and take care of small and medium wineries!

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